The competitive nature of sport inevitably drives any athlete to seek a means of gaining an advantage over his/her opponent. In most cases, this desire to outperform the competition motivates softball players to train harder to improve their skills and utilize the best available equipment. An increasing number of players, however, have turned to using altered bats in order to gain a dramatic advantage. This process of modifying bats is known as BAT DOCTORING.

BEWARE of bat shaving frauds…… has been known that people offering bat shaving services only roll the bat and send it back having you think they had an experienced professional shave your bat using high tech equipment. Other things to look out for; are people using drills and abrasives which is a process that is very inconsistent and WILL NOT give you the performance and advantage you are paying for. When someone offers the service for a cost that seems to good to be true, it usually is and you get exactly what you pay for. When you get your bat back from these frauds and don’t experience BOMBS that amaze the competition or your bat breaks prematurely you will wish you had it done by experienced Professionals at the BAT DOCTOR.